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An Interesting Tutorial On How To Write A How To Essay For Kids

A how to essay is an essay that tells someone how to do something. It is the least researched essay to write, but has a lot of information. This is something that you know how to do, and you are telling others how to. So you will follow all the rules of an essay, which we will cover here.

  1. Outline
  2. Introduction
  3. Body
  4. Conclusion

Many kids like doing art, so let’s outline an art how to essay.


Before you start on your essay, the first thing to do, is an Outline. This is for you so you know where everything goes. It is like how you would draw an outline on your paper before you paint.


The second thing to do is to introduce the essay. Here you want to tell your reader what you are doing, planning to do, and what you will use. You will not tell them how yet, that comes in the body. You might tell them you are doing a painting, then let them know what you will use. List out your; (1) paints, (2) brushes, (3) paper, and (4) whatever equipment you will use. Let the reader know what you are going to paint.


The next part will be your Body. Here is where you will go into details. Tell the reader how you set up your paper, and your paints, to get them ready to use. Talk about your colours you are going to use. Let them know how you mix colours to make the colour you need. Let them know why you use a certain brush for each part of the painting.

Talk to them about outlining your painting so you know where everything goes. What pencil do you use, and why. If the pencil is not that important, and if any pencil can be used, then say it. Walk the reader through how you make your painting.


The final step is your Conclusion. Here is where you finish your essay. Let the reader know what you do when you are done. About drying, cleaning, and putting things away (paints in containers and storage, you do not have to tell them where you put them up at). After it dries, do you have to do anything to it? If you do let the reader know. If you show your work, you can say that here also.