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A List Of Topics For Persuasive Essays

A persuasive essay or sometimes called a persuasion essay, means that you the writer have to persuade the reader of your essay that your argument is sound. Now by argument, I don't mean fisticuffs. You are not there to be intimidating in your writing but rather to use logic, sound research and skilful writing to persuade the reader that your point of view is the right point of view.

One of the good points about a successful persuasive essay is that it reveals contrary possibilities but persuades the reader that the possibility you believe is true really is true. So basically speaking, when you write a persuasive essay you will take one opinion and substantiate it.

It’s true so much has been written in the past and no doubt will continue to be written today about the fact that the topic you choose for your persuasive essay is really very important. It's important for a number of reasons. If you are excited about the topic you are more likely to be excited about the research and writing of your essay. If it's a strong topic and one which has the potential to offer contrasting opinions, then you are in with a great chance of making a case for your side of the argument. And finally if you are able to convince the reader, to persuade them that your persuasive essay is very good, you stand an excellent chance of receiving a very high score.

Here are some suggested topics for your possible persuasive essays:

  • There should be rewards for students who do very well at school.
  • Advertisers should be careful about the body shape when they choose models for their ads.
  • Politicians should be equally represented by men and women.
  • Schools have no right to dictate the type of hairstyles students choose to wear.
  • Only parents should teach their children about sex education.
  • There should be very strong laws which are enforced against people who are cruel to animals.
  • Free speech is not necessarily a good thing.
  • Government funded schools should be allowed to offer religious education.
  • Gun laws should be much stricter and people wanting to buy a firearm should pass a strict test.
  • The hours when students go to school should be flexible - earlier starts and later finishes.
  • Students should be allowed to bring their pet to school on certain designated days.