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American Revolution

The American Revolution was a series of protests that happened in order to oppose and reject colonial rule by the British. This revolution happened in the late 18th century. The 13 American colonies to the British felt that some laws passed by the British were quite oppressive and hence the revolution.

One way that the British Government oppressed Americans in these colonies was through imposition of taxes. This was especially the case between the years of 1764 and 1766. In order for the British Merchants to ensure that people do not evade payment of debts, the Currency Act was introduced. Another tax law that was passed during this period was with regard to the sugar industry. This law imposed custom duties. Thirdly, the British passed stamp duty law, which in turn required people in those colonies to pay direct taxes. Therefore, paper material such as official documents, newspapers or even pamphlets had to have stamps.

In addition to imposing taxes to the people in the 13 colonies, the British government also passed some oppressive laws. People of those colonies considered these laws and Acts intolerable. One of these Acts restricted meetings held in town areas. This Act was an alteration of the already existing Massachusetts Government Act. Another oppressive act was the Quartering Act. This act made it legal for British troops to seek refuge at any home of an American even without permission of the home owner.

With these oppressive laws, Americans’ patience grew thinner by the day. In 1775, they started being hostile to the British. The first act of violence was in February of that year, where Americans attacked and took control of Provincial Congresses. The British did not take this kindly. Therefore, a war started a few months later in June. The British may have won this war but the casualties were quite many. After this war, many more rebellions and wars followed and led to the independence of the 13 colonies.

It is possible to have an upper hand over a person or a group of people but it is not possible to oppress people for a long time because of such a stance. The American Revolution is a great testimony of this. In this case, the British may have been in authority and had better weapons. However, the Americans were many and with their crude weapons still managed to match British troops in the different rebellions.