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Stephen Hawking

Many people view Stephen Hawking as a very lucky kid. He was born on the 300th anniversary of Galileo. This was on the 8th January 1942. His birth on such a day brought so much pride to his parents Frank and Isobel. They were humbled to get their first born son on such a day. Hawking brought great joy to them. This was, however, a hard time in the whole of England and the rest of the world with the World War Two having been on for three years then. Stephen Hawking was then lucky to have sisters Mary and Philippa in the years 1943 and 1947 respectively. His parents went on further to adopt a second son Edward in the year 1956. Hawking adored his family a lot and was so attached to it. He also had a bunch of good friends who they explored the world with. He loved playing games and his friends and him used to make games of their own.

A unique family

Stephen’s parents had graduated from Oxford University. Many people will say that this was a blessed family. They were all endowed with brains. It is said that during meal times, the whole family took their food in silence. They used to spare all the time they had for reading, and this included meal times. Hawking father who was a Medical Researcher wanted him to study medicine. This did not however happen as Stephen showed a great passion for the study of the sky and science. His mother was keen to note this early in Stephen’s tender age when he used to lie down during summer evening and watch the sky. During their leisure time with his siblings, they would climb their house and had come up with numerous routes to get to the family house.

Stephen’s Passion for Science

Though Hawking was bright, he did not look any unique from the other kids. In his first year in school, he was in the third bottom of his class. This did not however worry him much. He always focused more on the things he wished to know about the world more than in his school works. At the age of twenty-one, he was diagnosed with ALS. This made him lose the sense of doing anything. He, however, focused on research and study when he was told that he could live long enough to earn a Ph.D. degree. Due to his devotion to science he was awarded more than twelve honorary degrees.