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Essay Topics: Suggestions For Students

A good essay topic can make a difference during the writing process. It encourages students to stay focused on their assignment. Personal interests can be a good place to start when considering potential topics. For others, it is a matter of exploring matters related to politics, health and international interests that can raise awareness of significant issues. Students are often encouraged to write about issues and events that affect them. This allows a unique form of writing to be created that may lead to a passing grade. When you need some inspiration for a good essay topic the following list can help you get started.

  • Why not make high school students wear uniforms instead of just elementary and middle school students. Should parents get in trouble when their child wears clothes inappropriate for their age?
  • Should teachers where uniforms to set an example for students on how to dress properly? How can schools enforce proper dress code among students that is effective?
  • Should students in high school be allowed to date? What is a good age to start dating? What are things students like to do on a date and why?
  • Do people use computers too much? What are things we use computers for on a regular basis that can be done without one? Has the cost of computers and related equipment become more expensive in recent years compared to when they first hit the market years ago?
  • Should students be allowed to have cellphones in class? Should children be allowed to have a cellphone at all? Are IPads and IPhone apps effective in helping children learn educational concepts?
  • When a nation is considered rich should they share their resources with poorer nations? How has globalization contributed to the rise and fall of different nations? If you could change a law in a foreign country what would it be and why?
  • If you could spend the day getting to know someone of significance who would it be? This can be a fictional character, someone deceased, famous celebrity or a historical figure.
  • If you could make a movie what would it be about? What famous actors and actresses would play a role in your film? What are film roles you would like to play?
  • Should schools separate boys and girls? Would this help create better learning environments for students? What are the advantages of online learning and are more parents considering this option over public schools?