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Suggested “Animal Farm” essay topics and questions to write about

Written by George Orwell, Animal Farm tells the tale of a group of animals who launch an idea with good intentions but quickly come to power hungry dictators. This ‘ Orwellian’ tale is basically a visual aide narrative of Josef Stalin and communist Russia against the backdrop of a farm and anthropomorphized farm animals. The parallels of  dictatorship and communism provide many avenues for thoughtful discussion and/or research topics.

  • What’s in a name?
  • Why did the author name one of the main characters after Napoleon. If he was going for historical figures of a similar background why not Attila, Josef, or Nero for example?
  • What is the significance of the name Moses? Why not Abraham, Isaac, Joshua, or John?
  • Why name characters in this tale after a  historical figure, a biblical figure, and a analogy for human behavior?
  • Psychoanalyze Napoleon, what drives people to such extremes?
  • What is Orwell saying about the role of religion in our lives?
  • A common theme of any farm is routine throughout the life cycle. Do you think that’s why this story is set here?
  • Is Orwell suggesting that dictatorship, communism, and oppression, are lifelong battles. When we get too comfortable in our surroundings that's when we fall.
  • Compare and contrast Old Major's dream with Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.
  • Compare and contrast Vladimir Lenin's April Theses to the Seven Commandments.
  • How is Mr. Jones like the czar Nikolas?
  • How is the February Revolution comparable to the overthrowing of Mr. Jones?
  • Discuss the song ‘Beasts of England’. Does it have a theme, what is the songs relevance to the stories plot? Is it analogous to the history behind the tale or just the farm situation?

The Historical Analogies Lead to Ease of Research and Development

The fact that Animal Farm is a direct adaptation of the Russian Revolution and its key players, makes for easy analysis, dissection, and topic generation. The characters represent the actions taken, whether flawed or unjustified, and present us with a unique portrayal of wayward human behavior.

Web Based Research to Enrich  Response

The internet has many free sites offering detailed analysis of this book. Everything from plots and themes to characters and historical relevance can be found. To further enhance your understanding and appreciation of George Orwell work it is recommended to read up on the Russian Revolution. This will help strengthen  your knowledge and help you to provide a more thorough and comprehensive analysis of analogies, themes, character behavior and actions.