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25 Winning Expository Essay Topics To Choose From

Expository essays are enjoyed by some students, but detested by many others. In fact, one of the reasons that many students dislike writing expository essays is because they find it difficult to think of good topics to write about. However, once you get this part of the writing process out the way, a it can be very enjoyable to write a good expository paper.

Therefore, in order to make life easier for you, there is a list of 25 topics below you can choose from. Of course, whilst you might choose to use the topics exactly as they are, you could adjust them to make them more suitable for you, or even use them extra inspiration to think of other topics for your expository essa

  1. Explain what happens in the body when people eat carbohydrates
  2. Explain why people choose to vote for a certain political party
  3. Explain how evaporation works and why droughts are caused
  4. Explain why people spend so much time on mobile phones
  5. Explain why people think violent video games can lead to violence in real life
  6. Explain why gambling is so addictive
  7. Explain why young people first take drugs
  8. Explain why people can be so concerned about fashion
  9. Explain what would happen to the crime rate it capital punishment was outlawed
  10. Explain what happens to the lives of lottery winners
  11. Explain why born-again Christians turn to religion
  12. Explain why many people assume that all terrorists are Muslims
  13. Explain why people choose to download films and music illegally
  14. Explain why you want to join a particular profession
  15. Explain how you developed your taste in music
  16. Explain how serial killers begin murdering people
  17. Explain why the Internet is so important in oppressed countries
  18. Explain how calls can pollute the atmosphere
  19. Explain why the space race of the 50s and 60s was so important to the Soviet Union and the United States
  20. Explain why some Americans are so reluctant to give up their right to bear arms
  21. Explain why citizens of a country place such importance on the national flag
  22. Explain how institutionalized racism can occur
  23. Explain why different music can provoke different moods people
  24. Explain how learning a second language can change someone’s life
  25. Explain why exams can cause students to feel stressed