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Tips on How to Write College Essays about Anything

Writing an essay in college is different than writing an essay in high school.  As a college student you are expected to already know how to construct a well-written essay. Second, you must apply your own original thoughts instead of just filling the essay with simple reporting of what has already been written on your topic.  You are also expected to show maturity in your writing.  Utilize the following tips on how to write a college essay about anything.  

Recall the Basics of What Makes a Great Essay

  • You have already been taught the basics of writing a general essay.  Now, it is your job to recall what you have learned and apply it to your college essay writing.  Therefore, always keep in mind the overall structure of a winning essay.  This will help you visualize your essay as completed before you even begin writing it.
  • The guidelines for an essay about anything require an introduction where you introduce the reader to what he or she will be reading about, supporting paragraphs to provide evidence for your thesis and a conclusion that summarizes the essay, authoritatively restates the thesis, and introduces possible future topics related to yours.

Establish that Your Writing is Concise and Stays on Topic

  • Use the brainstorming method when beginning your essay.  Most college students are already familiar with this method.  You brainstorm by writing all of your ideas and thoughts quickly as they come to you without paying regard to writing mechanics, like punctuation or overall syntax.  This allows you to unlock ideas you didn’t even realize you had.  It jump-starts your mental gears and, therefore, gets you writing.
  • From your brainstorming method, construct an outline to focus in on the most important points.  Don’t skip the outline process and just start writing your first draft.  A thorough, well-organized outline will make writing the essay easy, and your writing will be concise and to the point.
  • Omit excessive words and phrases that have no use.  Spot unnecessary words and phrases by looking for superfluous “fluff” and wordiness.  A simple tip is less punctuation needed is best. Rewrite any sentences that are not direct and tight.

If you follow these simple tips in your college writing you will be able to write a winning essay on just about anything.  One last tip to consider is that you may want to work on increasing your vocabulary. Study hard; write well, and good luck!