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College Essay Topics 2014: Keeping Pace With Academic World

It is critically important for students to keep up their pace with the world. In order to choose a certain topic for their academic writing, they should research well that what is relevant in this world. They should critically check that what are the things that have become obsolete today, as writing about such topics can be useless and will give you no return for your efforts. Further, there is every likelihood that your professors wouldn’t approve any such proposals for writing as well.

Brainstorming about the latest academic topics:

Brainstorming is very important whenever you are looking to do a detailed creative work. Analyze your strengths and weaknesses and based on them, choose an academic topic for writing. The internet can be your best tool to research about a topic. You should research that what new innovations or society advancements have taken place in the current year. You can search for a topic by using the important keywords. Some of the keywords with relevance to this year (2014) in order to choose a research topic can be:

  • The Advertisement world in 2014.
  • Security of airports in 2014.
  • The dangers of Alcohol in 2014.
  • Updates about the Animal rights in 2014.
  • Wars in 2014.
  • The change in the bullying laws in 2014.
  • The advancement in cell phones technology in 2014.
  • Is child labor still a concern in 2014?
  • Updates about the Global warming in 2014.
  • Is Junk food still dangerous in 2014?
  • Homosexuality in 2014.
  • Internet regulations in 2014.
  • Should Marijuana be legalized in 2014?
  • Is noise pollution still a big concern in 2014?
  • The problems of developing countries in 2014.
  • Responsibility of Parents in 2014.
  • Religious freedom in 2014.

Thus, you can choose from a range of topics in order to write a comprehensive academic essay on a topic of your choice. It is very much obvious, that there is always a considerable change in the existence of all the topics cited above. The laws and process of handling such issues are updated on a regular basis. Therefore, the students should strive to choose a topic which hasn’t been tried before. The teachers would also appreciate such effort if they see something absolutely new and unique. Again, make sure that you don’t try on a topic about which you don’t have much knowledge or information.