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Writing A Decent Outline For Your 5 Page Essay

Outlines for any length of essays need to follow a particular format. You’ll need an introduction with a thesis statement, and paragraphs full of evidence, and a solid conclusion.

You need to pick a topic that can be developed over a five page study. A five page essay is shorter than you think.

There are all kinds of essay outlines all over the web that can show you how to develop an essay and make it cover five pages, so consult good, sources such as solid universities’ websites – especially their writing centers.

Constructing an Outline Like a Professional Writer

First, use roman numbers to distinguish major points from minor points. For example:

  1. Introduction: A Study of Childhood Obesity: Trying to Find the Source of the Problem and Solve It.
  2. Use attention getting sentences to draw in the reader here—perhaps facts about childhood obesity rates in America. This is the place to use startling statistics. For example you might find that 30% of all kids ages 10-16 are overweight. (I made up that statistics.) You may even decide to make your first sentences very dramatic—to distinguish them from other very clinical essays that your teacher may be reading.

    The point is to make the reader care very much about your topic and that you move them to take action by the power of what you say here and in your conclusion—the middle is for presenting facts.

  3. End paragraph one or two with a thesis statement—this is basically the statement beside “I” above—you could use the I statement or the third person.
  4. For example,

    I am going to examine the major contributors to childhood obesity in order to recommend some corrective actions we might consider before diabetes and heart problems begin to plague young children.

  5. Evidence
  6. Then, in the next area of your essay, you’ll want to present your evidence. This evidence needs to run from page one up to your conclusion. You want to present paragraph after paragraph of research from scientists and doctors, for example who present their theories about why this epidemic is sweeping American kids nation wide .

  7. Conclusion
  8. Here bring your essay into the very present moment to move your reader to action. Get very recent and alarming statistics –then make the reader act now to save children from obesity, for example.