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5 powerful essay topics on main social problems

The rising social problems are a daunting subject and to make young generation aware of that, they are provided with related topics to write on. However, students need to understand the intensity of the subject so that they can elaborate their topic and discuss minute facets.

While writing any powerful essay, first few lines should sound interesting and should hold the breath of the reader. Followed by it should be main content which should include reasons and the cure and lastly there should be a well organized conclusion.

Below mentioned are 5 major topics that students are demanded to write on-

  • Sex Education: Observing the gravity if the situation, sex education has become the most prevalent and debatable topic in the society. To develop awareness in the young generation, this topic is usually provided to teenage students, so that they understand its magnitude. In US, a survey states that 40 % of the girls become pregnant around 14 years of their age. Teenage boys and girls do not realize its future repercussions and spoil their life. Sex education is a must and should be provided as a part of the school curriculum. Parents should also take their kids in confidence and discuss the subject with them.

  • Teenage smoking: This is one of the biggest challenges of society and many youngsters spoil their life by getting involved in it. This is not only a challenge as in person but is accountable to spoil the whole of community. To prohibit it, its root cause should be found and all the relevant businesses should be barred. Government should apply penalties on all those are who found to be involved in it.

  • Teenage Suicide: There are many reasons accountable for teenage suicides. Life is extremely fast and is full of complications for those who are not able to compete with the world. Apart from that peer pressure, high grades, unemployment issues are some other reasons. Many students come under stress and get trapped in incorrect means and start taking drugs and when can’t find solutions of their problems.

  • Adverse effects of Cinemas: Rapes, sex abuse, violence and nudity have increased tremendously in past 3 decades. Exposure in women is accountable for many social problems such as mental sickness, rape, physical abuse with women and even small girl of one year.

  • Abortions: Many girls are deprived of their right of reproducing children as they become pregnant after being raped, getting pregnant in teenage or while having a female foetus in their womb. They are forced to go for abortions whether their body can bear its consequences or not.

If the coming generation understands the seriousness of the issues, they can lend their incredible support in preventing such social problems.