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A List Of Great Descriptive Essay Topics For College Students

There are many types of essays which you learn at different stages of your educational career. The descriptive essays are fairly easy to write as the task in such essay is to comprehensively describe a person, place or a thing. The descriptive essays should have some personal experience about the topic of the essay. But a lot of people have the opinion that it is easier said than done and they are true in some sense. Students do struggle a lot if they choose a wrong topic which has limited scope or may be some topics are not very easy to research.

Golden rules for writing a descriptive essay:

The following are the golden rules for writing a quality descriptive essay:

  • Identify your readers.
  • Make sure to engage your audience right from the introduction of your essay.
  • Give details in a comprehensive manner with no usage of filler words or sentences.
  • Use your sense and opinions wherever you feel they fit in.
  • Be very clear and concise with your ideas and opinions which shouldn’t raise any doubts or eyebrows of your reader.
  • Use a thesaurus which means try to use simple words rather than complex words which couldn’t be understood by your general readers.
  • Write imagery content where your reader can create the imaginary scene which you tried to portray.
  • Make a thorough paper proofread, making sure that it doesn’t have any spelling, grammar or any other editing issues.
  • Second opinion about your descriptive essay is a very useful idea. If possible, ask any of your friends to read your essay who has good knowledge about descriptive essays. Ask him to point out all the mistakes which he thinks that you have committed.

Some hot descriptive essay topics:

Following are some of the hot descriptive essays today:

  1. How your childhood transformed your overall personality?
  2. Why your best friend cannot always be your best friend?
  3. How saving someone’s life changed your thinking and life altogether?
  4. How was the experience of learning some skills from someone younger than you?
  5. How should you deal with a stranger at a location new to you?
  6. What you learned about love and relationship from your first relationship?
  7. What pets taught you?
  8. How to turn your dreams into reality?
  9. Why sports and physical activities are important?
  10. What you learned from your kids?