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A List Of Great Prompts For An Essay About The Great Gatsby

Most 11th grade students in American Literature classes are required to read and comprehend The Great Gatsby. The author of this great novel is F. Scott Fitzgerald, a very famous writer who wrote interesting essays that were filled with high descriptive imagery and symbolism. If you are a student at this level, then chances are that you will be required to write at least one paper on this topic, The Great Gatsby. You need to know at this early instance that whichever topic you choose, most likely, it will have aspects of foils or opposites in it.

The novel is well packed with amazing foils. If required to choose your essay, ensure that you use one of the ideas or topics listed below.

  • Compare Diasy and Gatsby – focus more on their attitudes about living purposeful life and love.
  • Discuss the American Dream – this theme was very popular during the times in the popular novel the Great Gatsby, is this dream dying or it died in this novel?
  • Compare and contrast Myrtle, Daisy and Jordan in the novel?
  • Discuss decorations and elaborate clothes of the Roaring 20s. They are flashy, very decorative, and of very high quality - what do these decorations and clothes say about the persons and characters that wear them in this novel?
  • Discuss the parties in the Great Gatsby – what motivates Gatsby to throw these parties, and why are they simply a shallow appearance win without character or depth, and do they have any symbolism of the characters?
  • In the Great Gatsby, there are many symbols, such as the flowers, the water, the billboard, the trees, the house, the town, and the light among others. Choose one or several of these symbols and discuss them ion details.
  • Compare and contrast the characters George, Tom, Gatsby, Nick, any other two males in the Great Gatsby.
  • Unpeel Gatsby and expose his real character. Explain who he is for real, the the clues that helped you expose him. Focus on his inner characters, not just his outward appearance.
  • Discuss and explore whether Daisy is Zelda Fitzgerald’s symbol. Identify the characters shared by these two, and their differences, if any, throughout their tragic lives.

These are just some few of the prompts in this great novel, which is filled with descriptive writing, themes, symbols and a lot of reference to various other literary works. There are many ideas of topic aides that you can come up with, if you want to write an interesting story on The Great Gatsby. There are very many other critical analyses and reference materials to use in supporting your essay on the Great Gatsby.