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Telecommunication Restructuring Policies In Malaysia

Telecommunication restructuring in Malaysia is a continuing work in progress. It started back in the mid-1980s with earlier steps of the process taking place over a 15 year span. The country restructured its telecommunications among pressure from other governments, organizations and developing markets. In doing so it helped the area develop regulations to help their sector become more competitive while evolving. The development of this structure became a pivotal point in how the country grows economically in years to come. The need became imminent as the country saw dramatic increase in transports, population and development of infrastructures.

Malaysia has seen steady increase over the last several years with population, internet usage and cellphone subscribers. Privatization was considered to be a helpful solution for the government. When telecommunications were further developed they helped improve delivery of ideas, concepts and how the country came to recognize some problems. In doing so the country worked to increase production and population of certain areas to ensure their economy evolved more efficiently. Of course, there was plenty of conflict and struggle as government agencies needed to find compromise that would ensure their citizens and the government saw eye to eye on objectives being brought to the forefront.

While the government is working to provide most citizens with working telephone line communications, the rate of development in how fast they can be produced has been questioned by other nations. There have been reports of the country working to have available 25 to 50 phones per 100 people. This may seem like slow progress but others wonder what else will be done to encourage better accessibility. The manufacturing industry is something else in development with strategies in place to help this expand along with telecommunications. This element is important as it encourage employment growth.

The encouragement of competition is another element being reviewed. It can help the government be empowered economically while ensuring citizens of the country get fair opportunity at employment. The government hopes to have all if not most of the households in Malaysia with a telephone by 2020. Strategies continue to be in development for training and continued expansion of the telecommunications field. Restructuring has also included improvement of the human resource development services the country will provide for citizens to help them learn and adapt to essential parts of telecommunication restructuring concept.