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Coming Up With Good Exploratory Essay Topics

The exploratory essay demands that the author investigate a topic, situation or person in detail and provide the findings in a definitive and convincing fashion. The choices of topics vary widely for this type of essay since it usually involves a strange anomaly, item or occurrence that most or all people are unfamiliar with or share misconceptions. As with any essay, it is always quite easy to sabotage one’s efforts by choosing a poor topic to write on. Here are 18 good exploratory essay topics for your consideration:

  1. What would life be like on the moon if we managed to colonize it?
  2. How much influence do large developed countries have on the economies and lifestyles of smaller, third world countries.
  3. Can pet therapy prove to be a useful treatment for mental disorders in children, or even healthy people?
  4. Are we destined to live on this planet forever, never establishing colonies on other stellar bodies?
  5. Should we consider creating city in orbit of earth in order to protect the ecosystem on planet earth that we depend on for survival?
  6. Does space exploration efforts benefit the lives of people living on earth or is it a waste of money and time?
  7. Can the method of energy production used by trees be recreated by humans to be utilized as a source of food an energy?
  8. Is it possible to understand the language spoken by animals, if they have one at all, in order to better solve the extinction crisis theorized to have been caused by humans?
  9. How significant is the changes in lifestyle brought on by wireless technology in the last decade?
  10. What are the differences we can expect to see fro person being brought up by same sex parents?
  11. How does divorces affect the lives of individuals? Is it obvious when they become adults?
  12. How can one tell the difference between the love felt by two strangers and that of individuals from the same family?
  13. The signs that can indicate the possibility of a marriage lasting a lifetime
  14. The effects of extreme exercise on the body and life of a regular person
  15. The reason why there is a higher occurence of women completeing their education than men.
  16. The benefits of participating in a strictly organic based diet
  17. The way technological advancements have changed the way we would have evoled without them
  18. Do children raised by their biological parents fare better than those raised by adopted ones?