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How to Write an Anecdote In An Essay: Structuring Guidelines

Before getting started with writing your anecdote makes sure that, you first are clear about what anecdote really is. Anecdote can be explained as a brief scene or a story taken from a person’s own experience. Anecdote either carries a theme or is followed with a lesson.

The best way to write anecdotes is to first gather some details. Begin with the 5Ws, which are what, when, where and why. Gather details, any detail that can be captured through your 5 senses make sure to have that mentioned in your essay. Put all these details together and bring in your element as well. Make sure that the reader can see you when they are reading your anecdote

If you have decided to add an anecdote in your essay, then here are a few things you need to keep in mind to not regret your decision.

  • Talk about your experience. The time span should not stretch too long as you are not writing a novel. You will not have a lot of space left for your essay if you write a very long anecdote.
  • Take hold of one moment, which can replicate the larger point of your essay. Focus on describing the essence, your experience, and that moment.
  • Now would be a good time to use some descriptive language and provide the readers with some more details. This is where you can truly engage with your readers. Details are something both the reader and the writer enjoy so does not keep your hand off it.
  • Add a tad bit element of fiction to it, but make it believable. Add some dialogues in your anecdote to make it seem alive.
  • When it comes to bringing your anecdote alive then create some drama, whip some action. Be a little dramatic to arouse your readers.
  • In addition, write in first person since you are describing your experience so make sure that your image can be felt and your personal existence takes over the room whenever your anecdote is read.

The importance of an anecdote can be realized once the writer becomes the reader himself or herself. An anecdote not only brings the essay to life, but also grabs the attention of the readers. It will not take long to write and would add some relate-able flavor to your essay. Making your readers enjoy your essay is a duty that you have to fulfill.