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Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is a major social and medical issue in the world today. The terms refer to a pregnancy that occurs in female humans who are below twenty years old. Teen pregnancy is not an uncommon issue - especially in the developed world where it is most rampant. It has been categorized as an adverse social issue that should be highly discouraged in the global society. Unlike in the past, girls and boys of today seem to attain sexual maturity at younger ages. Sociologists and medical practitioners have argued that there are psycho-sociological factors within the global society contributing to early sexual maturity, hence promoting teen pregnancy. Considering the effects of teenage pregnancy on both the teenage mother and the baby, teenage sex does not conform to the conventional standards of social behavior.

Falling pregnant at teenage years has always been followed by serious implications: premature labor, medical complications during pregnancy, at child birth and after child birth. Most teenage mothers also drop out of school and end up messing up their future. Moreover, children born through teenage pregnancies always suffer due to lack of the mothers’ and fathers’ readiness of being parents.

Drug and alcohol abuse, lack of parental guidance and education (ignorance), sexual abuse without contraception, peer influence, inappropriate media portraying teenage sex as ‘cool’, traditions resulting to early marriages and the environment a teen is brought up in are some of the major factors contributing to teenage pregnancy. Teenagers abusing drugs and alcohol are likely to indulge in unplanned and unprotected sexual intercourse; which has resulted to a significant increase in teenage pregnancy.

Failing to educate the teenagers on matters pertaining to sex has also catapulted the rate of teen pregnancy; inadequate information concerning sex exposes teenagers to risks when they engage in sexual activities. Thirdly, the environment teenagers grow up in influences their way of thinking and reasoning. Teenagers growing up in immoral social set-ups are most likely to fall pregnant during their teenage years since they get exposed to sexual temptations and bad peer influences. This implication is not different from the influence inappropriate media has on teenage girls.

In conclusion, curbing teenage pregnancy requires collective responsibility of talking to the teenagers about sex so that they get informed of the implications of teenage sex when they are in relationships. Birth controlled programs should also be communicated to the teenagers. Adults taking the lead and providing proper guidance can produce a rational society with acceptable social behaviors.