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Selecting Good Discursive Essay Topics For High School Students

A discursive essay belongs to the family of argumentative or persuasive essays; only they are more balanced and poised. There is a feeling that the piece wishes to do both sides of the topic justice; veering to one or the other side only at the end.

Scope for development

Now, high school students have a great scope for development if they pick right discursive essays to write on. The good thing about these pieces is that it teaches the students the art of dissection and analysis. They are not to call a spade a spade but to understand why it is called a spade.

Abiding by the standards

Of course, while selecting discursive essay topic for high school students, you need to keep their standards in mind. You cannot terrorize them with overtly complicated topics; say, a controversial treatise on Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Picks from general life

It is preferable to pick the essay topics from general life; neighborhood, home, lifestyle; objectification, movies; games, school; regulations, et al. This way, the students have an iota of knowledge about the topic and feel encouraged to make a deep enquiry. Otherwise it is human nature to steer clear of topics one has not heard or read about.

A graded education

You should also teach the students how to handle these topics in a composed manner. The students should understand how a particular precept can be ably perceived from two or more different angles. This enhances the ambit of their thought-processes.

Eking out the conclusion

You should also teach the students the right way to eke out the conclusion, so that the piece appears redoubtable and emulative. The reader should gain authority from reading the pieces; not just assume that there are wallowing in the general garbage. Of course, much also depends on individual student’s writing style.

Meanwhile, here are 10 suggestive discursive essay topics for your purview –

  1. Should nurses use their discretion and handle complicated cases themselves in the absence of a doctor?
  2. Should common citizen be empowered with the right to act in certain cases; say, saving a women from being molested?
  3. Should students compulsorily learn a foreign language?
  4. Should all students be mandatorily involved in the school’s cultural programs?
  5. Should lie-detector tests be allowed arbitrary status?
  6. Will the ban on objectification of omen in movies actually improve their societal status?
  7. Do bullies require counseling?
  8. Should Mass Media take responsibility for the vitiation of kids?
  9. Should gambling and prostitution be regulated the world over?
  10. Your take on euthanasia