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Funny Things That Students Engage In During Class Time

Life in learning institutions is filled with fun and various activities. When learners are at school, they long for college life. When they get to college, they miss their school life. That forms part of their normal life. Since they have outgrown the schooling stage, they can look back and reflect on the crazy things that characterized their life as they were growing up.

One funniest thing that students were fond of doing during class time involved littering the class with pieces of paper. Students used to tear pieces of paper and stick them on lockers. Another habit that was associated with students involved throwing pieces of chalk at the teacher when he turns to the board to write notes. The small pieces of chalk were also used as a medium of communication amongst students. Furthermore, while in class students had this habit of putting stickers on the back of their colleagues. The most common terms that were used on the sticking notes included, she is a freak or they hate them.

Moreover, students spent much of their time drawing patterns on the lockers and notebooks. The activity was aggravated by boredom that was felt in the class when the teacher was not present. It was common for students make drawings of their faces or facial images of the beautiful girls. Additionally, there was a tendency of students to sing when exchanging greetings with the teacher. Other bad habits that characterized student behavior in class included drawing weird patterns on shirts, pouring ink and water on the seat, pasting chewing gums on the seats and drawing caricatures of teachers’ faces.