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Hidden Intellectualism:

There are several connections that can be linked to the phrase hidden intellectualism; however, it seems the most popular connection is that of what a man by the name of Gerald Graff had said about the topic of hidden intellectualism. Within his research he concludes that what is known as street smarts can be more important and educational than what is known as book smarts. His research is very convincing and he makes a very strong argument on the topic.

He mainly discusses how schools in today’s’ times are not actually teaching to the full potential that they could be. More specifically that they are not encouraging the students to want to actually learn on their own, not that they just have to know this or else. It has been proven that street smarts is more relatable to students than book smarts; this is because students would rather wrap their heads around the topics of sports, video games, dating, cars, fashion and more versus math, science, English, social studies and more. A student needs to be interested in the topic that is being taught in order to have a better chance at remembering something and appreciating that they are learning something. Another aspect that you can take into consideration when it comes to the topic of hidden intellectualism is that the books used in schools more than likely are years and years old which means that the examples and scenarios listed are not relatable to situations and or experiences that happen in the times today for these students. So that alone can discourage them from wanting to learn something new, because they will think that since the book is old, that the information is old and therefore is something that they do not need to know; which we all know is not the true case in life.

It is also safe to say that all students should have a fair opportunity to show what they are good at and what they love to do. There may not be a club or sport for everything but everyone should be able to express themselves somehow at school, this leads to equality among the students and will then encourage them to want to do more at school and learn because they are more comfortable at the school and feel that they are more accepted since they can do something that they love at school.