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Getting Some Help in Finding Good Topics for Persuasive Essays

When you are getting ready to write a persuasive essay, you want to make sure that you pick a topic that you can use in a persuasive essay. If you pick one that is hard or doesn’t have potential to become a persuasive essay, you will be able to tell that you picked the wrong topic. Here I will tell you some topics that you can consider for your persuasive essay.

Where to Find Good Topics

  • The internet is a good jumping off point to find your topic. There are many sites that have lists of topics you can choose from or you could use them to help you select your own topic.
  • Or, you could ask your instructor what topics they might suggest you do your persuasive essay on. They can give you some ideas that you can use for your topic.

Good Topics

  • Should the government prohibit abortions? This is a hot topic to do your essay on and with recent media coverage, this one would be easy to find research on it.
  • Is testing products on animals inhuman? You could go either way with this topic but make sure whatever way you take it, give good facts to back up your claim.
  • Do you think beauty pageants degrade woman? Beauty pageants like Miss America are broadcasted on television for a millions to enjoy but do you think this sets a bad or good example for little girls or if it degrades the woman.
  • Do you think boys and girls would learn better in different schools? You could argue that this will be less distracting or that it will create a better work environment, etc.
  • Should eating disorders be considered as a life threatening disease? Eating disorders are very dangerous but should they be considered a major medical condition.
  • Should the government do more about domestic violence? This happens more that you think and the government is always cutting funding for this kind of charity. Should there be better laws to protect victims or harsher laws for the abusers?
  • Should Gym Class be mandatory in school? You can argue either side for this topic but make sure you have hard facts to back up your reasons.
  • Do you think handing free condoms out in school protects students from STDs and pregnancy? In some school Sex Ed isn’t even taught but could having condoms available for students help protect them for diseases and unwanted pregnancies.