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Should Abortion Be Legal Or Illegal

Abortion is a very complex issue that deals with many different points of view and sets of rules. There are two basic sides to this issue and one not so basic side. That is the problem with this particular question. When you ask if it should be legal or illegal to have an abortion you are oversimplifying some of the main issues involved the answers. To really have a true understanding of the issue you have to go over each side of the issue and see what their point of view is and why.

Those who think that abortion should be illegal generally believe in the right to life. They believe that everyone’s life begins at conception the second that the sperm meets the egg. This particular belief means that they tend to see an abortion as the willing murder of a living human being with their own rights. They think abortion and murder are synonymous and therefore should be treated as the same crime. This is but one perspective out of many however, and the problem with giving a fetus such rights could make life very complicated for any pregnant woman. Anything considered dangerous to a fetus could be outlawed if the law were to reflect this belief.   

On the other side of the coin you have the pro choice group. They believe that women have the right to choose what happens to their own bodies including whether or not have a baby. Even if a woman is already pregnant they believe that she has a choice and should be free to make it on her own and without any pressure from anyone else and their opinions. They do not believe that a fetus is a life at least until a certain point depending on each person’s personal beliefs. The third group bases all of their opinions on the point at which a fetus becomes a baby. As previously stated, each person has a different idea of when that is. For some people it is 12 weeks, after the first trimester is over. For others it is other week marks or when the fetus develops a certain trait like the heartbeat or the ability to feel pain. For others it is less abstract. Birth is when you are officially alive, no sooner. Many people also believe that it is only okay under certain circumstances like rape cases or incest or if the mother’s life is in actual danger from the pregnancy.

No matter the position it is a very complex issue and everyone is passionate about their beliefs. For the most part the law is in favor of women having a choice. There are legal lines at a week mark unless the mother’s life is in danger in which case late term abortion can be legally preformed. It comes down to the law and for now the law believes in a choice.