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Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller was a popular American playwright of the twentieth century, The Pulitzer prize-winning drama writer was known for his famous play Death of a Salesman since its opening in 1949. Miller was born to a Jewish immigrant and spent his childhood days in Manhattan. His father was running his own business, which failed during the crash of the stock market in 1929. This drove Miller to do odd jobs including delivering bread in the early mornings to support his family and schooling.

Miller was educated at the University of Michigan. The playwright in him was groomed by Professor Kenneth Rowe, who later connected his talented student with people in the world of theater. As an undergraduate Miller wrote several award-winning plays, which later on helped him with his venture into the theater. Young Miller wrote stories, articles, screenplays, radio plays and novels. Most of his works were inspired by his childhood days and popular political issues during those days. ‘All My Sons,’ his first successful play, was about a fraudulent businessman who ultimately lost all his sons to his unethical business practices. Similarly, his bold play Crucible likened the functioning of the Special Committee chaired by Senator Joseph McCarthy to the Salem witch trials way back in the year 1962. His most famous play ‘Death of a Salesman,’ which won him the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, was a reflection of American dreams and how an ordinary American’s life those days was influenced by both illusions and stark realities.

Miller married thrice. He remained married for forty years till her death in 2002 to his third wife Inge Morath, a photographer he met while he was still married to his second wife and actress Marilyn Manroe. He had two children Jane and Robert with his first wife Mary Slattery. He had two children Rebecca, an actress, and Daniel with Inge Morath. His six years of marriage with Marilyn Manroe, who stood by him during his testing times when he was charged by the US Congress for contempt on refusing to divulge names of certain communist sympathizers of the literary world, ended since the couple felt incompatibility in getting along with each other.

Miller died on 10 February, 2005, at the age of 89 at Roxbury, Connecticut. With a career spanning more than seven decades, Miller is regarded as one of the best dramatists in the history of art and drama.