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Misrepresentation in the Media


The media hugely have some bearing on various cultures through implicit and explicit communication; for that reason, the media is in charge for representing various groups of people in the society such as the politicians, religious leaders, young, elderly e.t.c. it is a major threat in dealing with the media in case one has been misrepresented in a Newspaper, Radio reporting, Magazine, or even in any of the social media platforms. Individuals who haven't had scores of media encounter over and over again get hurt. An analysis of universal media and psychological research reveals that various media tend to misrepresent different groups of people.

Analysis and Discussion

If we take a looking into the media presentation of the elderly we realize that the Television, the internet, and the print media teaches children on gender as well as the social roles by means of exposing them to a array of characters in variety of state of affairs. For instance, the Disney cartoons teach children negative aging stereotypes.

The contemporary society is known to be the era of late modernity” blotted by the grand storyline of peril. This anxiety of risk has transcended above commonality of need or scarcity of material resources that set apart the previous period. Consequently, the black race has been portrayed by the western media as the manifestation as constitutes in the social disorder such as crime, illness, disease, war, terrorism. This risks the black race in the eyes of the mass media as a “scapegoat” due to the tendencies of politicizing the social problems. Research on “moral panic” explicates the description of specific groups of people as “scapegoats” or “folk devils” in a pursuit of certitude all through periods of stepped up social change. The mass media take part a most important role in convincing the publicity about the existence of real harm that might be posed by “folk devil. The mass media generates moral panic to create a consensus among the public for the purpose of asserting the hegemony of the ruling class.


Generally speaking, with its great influence on society, the media has a responsibility to moderate how it represents various groups of people in the society. To correct current unfavorable conditions, institutions governing media creation have to design guiding principles for reducing misrepresentation in the media. All together, media consumers have to persuade media creators to better represent various people.