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How To Come Up With A Creative Essay Title: Things To Know

Often students tend to forget how important the title of their essay is. After having put in tremendous amounts of effort into writing and researching their paper, it is very common to find a title to be just marked as a number or a simple vague title that doesn’t help the reader to be excited about what they are about to read.

Functions of a title

  • The whole reason we must always give our work a title is to make sure that the reader is aware of what they are going to be spending the next few minutes (or even hours) reading. It prepares the reader for what will be discussed in the following text and is also a sort of mini statement for the opinions or thesis of your work.
  • Without a strong creative title, your paper might look less appealing. For instance, the whole reason you’re reading this article now is because its title attracted you by giving you information on what this write up will be about. Imagine your paper’s title to be an attractive packaging that a kid is immediately drawn towards and can’t wait to tear open to get to the candy.

How to write a strong title

  • Making sure that your title is informative is the first step. You will want to include some of the keywords of your paper in the title so that the reader is not confused about the subject matter of your paper.
  • Another great idea is to use or rephrase one of the sentences from your article itself. You could try using a sentence that is strong and most descriptive of your paper.
  • If you want to make your title even more creative and eye catching - you can use a famous quote or even a book title or lyrics of a popular song. However, remember also to include a few words on the topic at hand (within the title itself) if it is an academic paper that you are writing. Using a song title for a political science essay can confuse the reader. Some sort of explanation will absolutely need to be included in the title. Using a colon (:) is a good idea if you want to provide an explanation

From using puns to Proverbs, there are lots of ways in which you can make your essay title catchy and creative. Be sure to relate the title to your essay subject so that your reader isn’t left wondering how the title relates to your paper.