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4th Grade Essay Topics: Hints For Beginners

For many students, coming up with essay topics is one of the most difficult parts of writing an essay. The fact is that there are just so many topics that it becomes difficult to narrow down to just one. Students begin learning how to write essays as early as second and third grade and by the time they get into 4th grade, they are writing essays that are over one page in length. Teachers often assign broad essay topics, but students then have to pick something narrower to focus on in their essays. If you need to choose a 4th grade essay topic, here are a few hints to get you started:

Write about something you know. Many teachers assign different types of writing, like how-to papers or narrative essays. Students will then be told to pick a topic that they can teach to someone or to tell an interesting story and what you learn. Students should always pick something that they know well, so they might teach someone how to tie their shoes, score a soccer goal, or ride a bike. They might choose to tell stories about their family members, a pet, or a team. When students write about what they know, they tend to write vivid pieces.

Pick a small moment. Students in 4th grade are learning about details. When they pick small moments, they will need to include several details in order to meet the page or paragraph requirements. If they write about something that takes a lot of time, they tend to skip over the details.

Look through photographs. When students are stuck on ideas, looking through pictures can be helpful. Children are comfortable around pictures, so by looking through them, they will be able to trigger memories that will help them decide on the topic.

Students need choice and time. Kids tend to be more successful when they feel like they have some control over the situation. Teachers assign essays, but they allow students to choose their topics. This sense of freedom of choice keeps students interested in writing. Your child will be more committed to the topic if they can choose it. You can make suggestions, but let your child have the final say-so on it.

Help with the memories. Some children will need to have a refresher on the memory they are going to use in the essay. There is nothing wrong with telling the story to your child, so it can be easily retrieved when writing time comes around in class.