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How To Come Up With Interesting Essay Topics Easily

The first thing you need to do for writing an essay is choose a good topic. The topic of your essay should be able to present your subject in a catchy way. It should be phrased in a way that can capture reader’s attention. Your reader in this case will be your teacher or admission officer. Remember that they will receive similar essays on a subject and you need to make sure yours stands out from the rest of them. If the topic of your essay is too monotonous, they will not even bother to read your essay until the end. The second thing your topic should be able to do is decide the overall direction of your paper. The topic will decide whether your essay is argumentative, descriptive, narrative, and comparative or any other type.

  1. When you sit down to choose the topic of your essay, many ideas will come to your mind. The best way is to tackle each step gradually so that you can stay organized and compose a good topic. Try to aim for two or three topics and you can then select the best out of them.
  2. Start by searching the internet for relevant information about your subject. Read everything about your subject to get a good idea of what you are dealing with.
  3. Look in the libraries and other sources to find out more about your subject.
  4. Break down your subject into simple categories and choose the one that suits you the best.
  5. Sit in a quiet corner and brainstorm for ideas for the topic of your essay. Do not stop yourself even if you think some ideas are not making any logic. You can always edit your ideas later.
  6. Create two or three topics out of the ideas that you generated during the brainstorming process.
  7. Check the application of each topic by looking at the research material available.
  8. Choose a topic that suits you the best. You can also, merge two topics to create a strong new topic.
  9. Edit and rephrase your topic to make it catchier.
  10. Check your topic for spellings and grammatical errors.

Example topics for your essay

  • How to lose weight without losing your mind
  • How to start a day with great productivity
  • The current economic situation and the role of developing economies