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Good Essay Questions Related To Romeo And Juliet: 20 Unique Ideas

As one of Shakespeare’s most legendary works, Romeo and Juliet has been written about countless times by students all around the world; therefore, there are many different questions that will have been asked about the play in the past. As a result, if you want to try and think of a unique idea to discuss, then it will be relatively difficult. Nevertheless, it is possible to think of a good title, after which you can then try and look at things from as unique angle as possible. Some suggestions have been highlighted below.

  1. Compare Romeo and Juliet to a modern love story
  2. Discuss the way in which Romeo and Juliet has been depicted in modern films
  3. What can we learn about the characters portrayed in the House of Capulet?
  4. Analyze the various moral themes that are examined in Romeo and Juliet
  5. In what way does Romeo and Juliet differ or compare to other plays written by Shakespeare?
  6. Discuss the use of fate as a theme in Romeo and Juliet
  7. Is Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare’s most important work?
  8. Discuss the use of imagery in Romeo and Juliet
  9. Compare and contrast the use of poetic verse in Romeo and Juliet to other plays written by William Shakespeare
  10. How was Romeo and Juliet received in Shakespeare’s time?
  11. Discuss the use of homoeroticism as a theme in Romeo and Juliet
  12. What poetic forms are used in Romeo and Juliet, and how do they help to enhance the story?
  13. There is a focus on light and dark and day and night in Romeo and Juliet, what role does this play in that the telling of the story of Romeo and Juliet?
  14. Is love the most important theme in Romeo and Juliet?
  15. What influence has Romeo and Juliet had on future tragedies?
  16. With relation to Romeo and Juliet, in terms of writing, what is dramatic structure?
  17. Discuss the interactions between the two main characters?
  18. Discuss how Shakespeare uses the theme of death in Romeo and Juliet, and what importance it has on the story as a whole
  19. How important is it for Romeo and Juliet to be set in Verona?
  20. What historical details are mentioned in the play the help us to try and establish when Romeo and Juliet was written?