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14 Great Argument Essay Topics For College Students

If you are writing an argumentative essay and you are a college student, these are a few top tips that can help you. Consider these ideas as you get ready to write your paper.


  • For starters, consider writing about free speech vs. too much free speech. Some people are finding that free speech is either being exploited or not as free as it used to be. Who's right in this particular type of case?
  • You can also consider writing about free will. As you see people who work in areas like factories, sweatshops and so forth, is this really beneficial to them, or is it something where they are being exploited?
  • You could also write about safety in schools. Is enough being done to protect students?
  • Argue for people homeschooling their children.
  • You could also argue against homeschooling for children because this isolates them, and they are not able to deal with the real world or relate to society, as a whole.
  • Also consider writing about social media, are we to revealing with our information?
  • Next consider writing about a social media as it relates to isolating ourselves away from the real world. Is this something that should be ended or limited to ensure that people can still interact with each other.
  • Another topic as it relates to computers, is what happens if we stop reading books? Because we’re so busy online, we're longer reading physical, paper books - what will happen to our libraries?
  • Also, consider writing about our malls. People are saying that malls are not safe, so what should we do with malls? Should this be an area where we have special security forces to ensure that people can walk around and shop?
  • You could also write about the economy and why it seems like there is no longer a middle class.
  • What about if you wrote about big government, and big businesses that are making money while they exploit poor people.
  • You could also write about people who are suffering from minimum wage. Is something that's beneficial to them really meant to exploit them?
  • What if you wrote about obesity? Why is it safe and okay for McDonald’s and KFC to offer fatty foods to children and profit from it?
  • As it relates to obesity if a child becomes obese, why isn't the parents penalized or should they be?

No matter which topic you choose, you definitely be able to find a great argument for your essay.