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15 Great Ideas For Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For Kids

Most kids moan and groan when they have to write an essay, and they struggle right from the start when they have to choose their own topic. Compare and contrast essays are no exception, so it really helps if they can be inspired by some topic ideas. The great thing about compare and contrast essays is that once you’ve chosen a topic, the comparisons really start to flow without much effort. Here is a list of 15 great ideas that should inspire students to get going.

  1. Coke vs. Pepsi - the age old rivalry between the soft-drink companies has always fostered strong brand loyalty. Ad campaigns, taste tests, spokespeople - how do they compare?
  2. McDonald’s vs. Burger King - this fast-food chain duo has been sparking debate for many years, and the Big Mac fans still face off against the Whopper.
  3. Country life vs. city life - lots to talk about here, or substitute the suburbs for either one and the comparisons will flow.
  4. Batman vs. Superman - which one is stronger, scarier, or more heroic?
  5. Eagles vs. hawks - these two predators sometimes compete for food, and are sometimes confused with each other. What’s the real story?
  6. Lakes vs. oceans - both beautiful places to play and vacation, but very different ecosystems and dynamics. Pick your favorite and explain why.
  7. Jacob vs. Edward - these two were the rivals for heart of Bella in the Twilight series, and had many devoted fans arguing their merits and deficiencies long after her choice had been made.
  8. Katniss vs. Tris - two amazingly brave and daring heroines, trying to save their loved ones from destruction. Explore their similarities and differences.
  9. Horses vs. ponies - how do they differ? Is it just size? Explore the evolution of both.
  10. Paper vs. plastic - this debate is a great way for kids to think about the environment and how our day to day choices can impact the world we live in.
  11. Soccer vs. Football - the number one sport in the world pitted against the number one sport in the U.S.
  12. Dark chocolate vs. milk chocolate - it’s not just about taste, though the sweet and the bitter square off here, but it’s a great way to talk about nutrition with your kids.
  13. E-books vs. paper books - this generation of kids may not have the attachment to the feel and smell of a book that their parents have; the impact on the publishing industry and authors can also be explored.
  14. Skiing vs. snowboarding - the younger set often wants to try snowboarding before they have mastered skiing, and they often don’t go back. The cool factor, the impact on the slopes and the changing ski industry can be investigated by the older student.
  15. Earth vs. Mars - or any planet can be contrasted and compared to any other, so if your student likes instead the rings of Saturn or the heat of Mercury, this is a tried and true topic.