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10 Unusual Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

High school teachers often do not provide many explanations about argumentative essays. If you do not understand what is special about this type of essay, you should do some research and learn the basic facts. They include:

  • Like all essays, argumentative essays have an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Similar to persuasive essays, argumentative papers are usually longer.
  • Argumentative essays consist from five paragraphs to as many as necessary in order to develop the main argument.
  • You should focus on your own point of view, meanwhile describing the opposite opinions.
  • The author persuades the audience using arguments rather than appealing to their feelings or emotions on a problem or subject.

If you want to impress your teacher, you should write an unusual argumentative essay, i.g. choose an interesting topic and find great facts and examples. You can employ several strategies when selecting your topic:

  • Look for example topics at your school library and academic writing center.
  • Do a literature review, read your textbook, and come up with an interesting idea.
  • Ask your teacher, classmates, and friends about unusual essay topics.
  • Search for lists of great argumentative essay topics online, e.g. visit webpages of writing agencies, student study groups, or numerous forums.

It is a good idea to find a dozen of topics, read them carefully, and then come up with your own one. The sample list of unusual topics you can write about is provided below:

  1. Social networks – endless opportunities for all, or the end of personal privacy.
  2. Alternative energy sources – an expensive option or a necessary solution.
  3. The positive and negative impacts of meat on people’s health.
  4. Alcohol advertisements should be forbidden worldwide.
  5. Positive and negative sides of globalization.
  6. Climate change – a real danger or scientists’ mistake.
  7. A university degree is necessary to obtain managerial positions in big companies.
  8. Freedom of speech is an illusion today.
  9. Big money does not make people happy.
  10. Human cloning – ethical issues versus the development of medicine.

You can choose one of the topics mentioned above and describe a different aspect of the problem. It is a good idea to brainstorm, write down all the ideas you like, and visit your teacher to make sure the chosen topic is appropriate. He or she might give you valuable advice, help correct the topic, and pick some sources to look through to narrow down the topic or add some details and explanations.