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Architecture across cultures

Architecture is a true representative of a country’s culture. Both these terms are interlinked in many ways. If you are to identify a country, it is not only the people and the government that you should see but also the architecture of the country. It reveals many things about the culture including lifestyle, social structure and artistic sense.

If we compare different countries we can easily distinguish between their cultures owing to their buildings, If you think of India the first thing that comes to your mind would be Taj Mahal which was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan for the love of his wife Mumtaz. The building is all white that represents peace and love of the people for each other. Thinking of Egypt, pyramids are a must, that are listed among the seven great wonders of the world and they date back to the centuries when even wheel was not invented. This shows the hardworking nature of the Egyptians and of course their emperors. Slovenian towns which were a part of Yugoslavia once are now independent and the styles of their building can date back to 1100’s. The churches are a great representative of the Roman architect. Some of them are also inspired by the Italian Baroque style. One thing however needs to be cleared here that architecture does not always mean large buildings, it can also mean the way of living. In the old times the houses were built out of mud, stone and wooden logs. The roofs were used to keep hens and other such pets. As the countries progress their culture modernizes and their architecture changes. In China tradition and religion make the most part of their culture. All the houses are built on the same map where the front always faces the east and has a screen. The reason behind this is that the Chinese believe that the spirits travel straight and cannot pass screen. The south facing entrances are made to make sure the house can stand the north winds and more sunlight enters the house during the winters. Among the European countries Ireland was the first one where slaves were allowed to buy land and till today most of the farm lands are owned by families. Irish buildings like monuments, statues and landscapes usually represent the fighters who gave their life for the country.

Every culture can have different inspirations for its architecture. In most of the cultures the most dominating factors are religion and family. Every culture is unique and their architecture reveals the true identity of its people and the social system.