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How To Write A Summary Paper On Your Own

A summary paper is a paper you write that summarizes something you have read. It requires you to not only read an entire article but to provide a quick summary of what you have read. In most cases, you have to provide a summary of your own paper. In this situation, you need to convey to the reader the key ideas in the paper in a shorter essay format.

Here are some tips on how to write a summary paper on your own whether you are summarizing another article or your personal article:

  1. Start by asking yourself “what is the article trying to tell me?” It is important to remember that the topic for the essay should be crystal clear. Figure out if the topic is about the effects of hair spray on the environment or the dangers of second hand smoke. Carefully identify the topic for the essay before you start to elaborate and write your summary paper.
  2. After you have identified the topic, look for the thesis. The thesis should be the main argument presented near the beginning of the paper, surrounding the topic. For example: if the topic is the harmful effects of second hand smoke the thesis might say something to the effect of “second hand smoke has more harmful effects than first hand smoking” or “the federal government needs to consider health care legislation to protect against the dangers of second hand smoke”.
  3. Once you know the thesis, you need to pinpoint the main arguments in the paper that support the thesis statement. If the thesis is the example above, you need to look for the main arguments that support or deny the thesis.
  4. Prove the reader with a few examples from the test but limit the number of examples you include to one or two because your job is, as the title suggests, just to summarize.
  5. In closing, include one brief sentence about the conclusion.

Provide the name of the essay and the author’s name at the start of the summary. It is important that you do not waste space. Stay direct and on point. Do not waste words. Remember that with a summary paper, less is often more so avoid exaggerations and keep the writing simple. Also avoid telling the reader whether you think it was a good paper or not. This is reserved for a review essay, not a summary essay.