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Government Issued Curfews Have No Impact on Crimes Committed By Children

Is it true the government should do more to reduce criminal acts committed by children and is this thought even possible? Some politicians feel the government is not responsible for what a child does when it comes to crimes. Yet, this aspect continues to be a controversial issue depending on the crime committed and the age of the child. Others feel parents need to step up their actions to encourage children to be more responsible. In other words, few feel a curfew issued by the government would do little to impact negative behaviors of children, including criminal activities.

There are two sides to this issue. You can be a proactive parent and help children be responsible for their actions or you can let the government tell you how you should raise your child. This is a touchy subject because in the case of a government curfew being issued, some parents may feel offended or lack of control. If the government says children need to be indoors at a certain time, parents could be punished if this rule is broken. There are parents that do not want to suffer consequences of their children’s actions so they will act appropriately to ensure their child meets curfew.

So why would people feel a curfew would have no impact? Children begin to understand how things work and in some cases you can’t tell them anything that will get them to listen. A few take matters into their hands and go against their parent’s word. They may go do something because they know they will not get in trouble. Meaning, some crimes committed may have the parent be automatically responsible. A child may not care about the position they are putting their parents in until it is too late. Plus, the government can only do so much when it comes to keeping children under control.

The government has the right to enforce certain actions and procedures when the need is necessary. But, getting parents on board may be a different story. Some parents may let their children stay out when they feel they are responsible. But, because things vary depending on age and crime committed, this is something that could lead to nowhere. This type of action may be necessary in areas where crime rates are high and more children are participating in negative activity. But, will this type of enforcement work and for how long?