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A List Of Great Observational Essay Topics To Write About: 8 Great Suggestions

An observational essay will take a real world situation, occurrence or person, and illustrate it with you through words. You are sharing an experience with your readers, and this experience is broken down into essay format. Using detailed language the observation essay will provide you with all of with a deep description of the observed occurrence. Some details that could be included to help make the writing more relatable include: the weather, smells, temperature, colors, sound, clothing, and much more. Observation essays are generally written in present tense, allowing your audience to feel as if they are experiencing the account first hand. We have explored some great essay topics to get your idea flowing!

Moving Speech: When you listen to a public speaker, they will have characteristics unique to only that speaker. Share the experience of a moving public speaker with your audience. How did the speaker approach the stage? Did he or she remain at the podium or walk among the crowd? Did they use humor or seriousness? Tell us everything about the speech. Make us believe we were there.

Broadway Performance: Just like a moving speech, a performance can be shared with your audience of readers. Describe the set, costumes, sounds and characters. The more details the more life-like your account will feel.

Family Tradition: Most families have traditions that repeatedly over the years. A popular tradition is putting out milk and cookies for Santa’s arrival. Consider this experience and other family tradition. Do you have an interesting one you could share in your observation essay?

Scary Experience: A scary experience can be a great way to learn. By recounting our experiences we can share these learning lessons with an audience of readers. Also, a thrilling tale can make for a very interesting observation.

Graduation: Describe the day you graduated. Paint a picture of crossing the stage with your words. Make us feel like we are you, in the auditorium, experiencing commencement. This can be done by attention to detail.

Losing a Job: Losing a job is an awful experience, but can also make for strong emotional writing. Talk about a difficult time you entered your boss’ office, and maybe you can out jobless.

The Winning Point: The clock is ticking and there are only a few seconds left in the game. The game is extremely close, but in the final seconds, the underdog rose. Share this spirited moment.