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Baseball is a game played between 2 teams that consists of 9 players each. It is played by using a bat and a ball and each baseball team take turns to bat and then field the ball. Batting is the offensive aspect of the baseball game while the team that is on the defensive is said to be fielding.

How the Baseball Game is played

The team that is on the offensive attempts to score runs. This is done when a player called a pitcher throws the ball and another player called the batter tries to hit with his bat. If the batter succeeds in hitting the ball he then attempts to run through four different bases and finally returning to home base. If he succeeds in doing this then he would have scored a home run for his team. The main battle during a baseball game is between batters of the team on the offensive and the pitcher of the defending team. Each batter of the offensive team tries to get a hit past the pitcher of the defensive team in turn.

The pitcher of the defending team does all he can within the books to get out the hitters. When a player from the offensive team safely reaches a base, he then tries in a number of ways to advance to successive bases when his team mates are batting by turns. This could be done during a hit or by some other ways. When the fielding team keeps out hitters three times in succession, then the teams switch formations. The fielding team then assumes the offensive while the previously batting team starts fielding. An inning is when both teams take single turns batting and fielding.

Brief History of the Baseball Game

Baseball is said to have developed from an earlier ball game called rounders which was played in Britain and Ireland. The origin of the game has been traced to England. The English predecessors of baseball were two versions of the same game called stoolball and tut-ball. Baseball was first referred to in a book written by John Newbery in 1774 in Britain. Early form of baseball was imported into North America by immigrants from the British Isles. The first recorded reference to baseball by an American publication was by the local council of Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1791. The publication was to the effect of placing a ban on the playing of the game close to the new meeting hall of the town.